Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowers of Love

Last Tuesday was a very special day.... your love and spirit were a presence in all of us sis. Friends and family - each one of us! We celebrated you sis because you are worth celebrating...

You were an example of life, now you are an example of the heavens!

You were in your children's heart and mind extra heavy that day. I spoke to Brett and although he didn't tell me verbally how much he missed you, I heard it in his voice. Kelsey told me she was sad so her Grandma Jojo took her shopping (hehe) and then to the flower shop to buy some pretty for you.


Pretty cool how Kelsey picked out the exact same color flowers as I did and we didn't even talk about it! No coincidences sis ~ I know that. I know you had a little angel somethin to do with that.........

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