Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2008 ~ Remembered

It was on this date 3 years ago I received the worst news I can't even begin to tell.
My heart stopped beating, my mind went blank. I couldn't breath and then all of a sudden I began to yell!
NO NO NO - it just can't be - not my precious Mary!
She's too good to be gone....
Too strong!
She's my sister and has a huge piece of my heart... I need that part of my heart!
This can't be true! I refuse to believe it! NO!
We're not old yet... Were supposed to be best friends when were old and laugh at all our childhood riff raff and support each other through lifes trials!
Our bond is one - without her I am broken.
She is one of the good ones....

My breath comes back, I begin to slowly see - this is true and the way it's going to be!
I choke on my tears and can't stand the thought of what it was that tore us apart! I don't think straight ... I can't think straight! My family has to make the plans for me to do what I have to do to pack up and fly.
Can I have a one way ticket to heaven please - it's my little sister Mary I want to see!
In the midst of this terrible day everything I see was grey. Then out of the sky a vibrant red cardinal flew to my side. For just one moment I didn't feel the pain! There was something in that moment that gave me strength....

Now I know because it's 3 years later and I feel far from alone! I think you may be closer than you were when you were here! Your everywhere with me and in everything I see! It's you and me sweet Sis - forever into eternity!

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