Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still Missing You

Hard to believe it's been 3 years today..... I miss you the same everyday!
The cardinal was on my patio first thing this morning chirping louder than usual.
My friend Denesa e-mailed me that she kept hearing "yellow flowers - yellow flowers - yellow flowers" then felt like she had to tell me! Pretty amazing sis! Since i had bought you pretty flowers (Yellow and Lavender) and a new lavender vanilla candle for you.... A friend posted a picture of your P.Diddy song "I'll be missing you" on facebook and didn't even know it was your favorite or that we played it for you at your funeral.I posted a sweet sentiment on FaceBook in honor of you sis! So many people loved you and their love poured out in their comments. I've got them here for you....

This one was from Kevin:
"I remember how that ever gleaming smile, those bright eyes and that "voice of enthusiasm" (almost nonstop giggles included) of hers would always brighten any room she entered."

This one is from Momma:
" I love you so much my precious Mary, you are so close and near to me and some day I will see you again!!"

This one from Christie:
"I miss you "Coach" you taught me so much and I will love you forever. You were more than just my swin coach you were my best friend. :) Thinking of you and the kids today Jeni."

This one from Tim:
"Great Pic she was blessed to have the sisters she had."

This one from Kerri:
"I miss you B/F/F! You are in my heart forever and we will see each other again... "

This one from Sherri:
"Mary, sweet and funny Mary who happen to have the best bootie!! Miss you Mary!! ♥"

There were many more thoughts, prayers and love sent my way from friends and family ~ you will not be forgotten sweet sis! I receive all your signs and I am so grateful you are still here with me! I love you now and forever. Until we are together again, I will Cherish your memories! We all will!!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Such a sweet tribute to Mary. She is in my mind and the cardinals are everywhere...