Saturday, November 5, 2011

LRB Chirps and Stories are Shared

Your angels are with you always! Loving you, watching you, whispering to you - be open to the signs, they will begin to appear! BELIEVE and you will see! ~ LRB Chirps

It's such a blessing to find other Little Red Bird believers too. The magical way little red bird appeared to me in NY the day my Mary died, showed up the next day in Texas following me to the funeral home, appearing during significant times of want, wish and need ~ its a no wonder that the mystic of this little red bird is not understood unless it has happened to you! The signs from above are not only from Little Red Birds, they can be just about anything..... ladybugs, other birds, butterfly's, animals, mammals, feathers, dimes, pennies, clouds, numbers, electrical occurrences, whispers and even silver spoons (I'll share a story with you on this one later)!

I posted the picture above on my FB page "Little Red Bird Chirps" and it started a beautiful thread of comments that I wanted to share. Please see below:

Rita Atherton I must tell you.... my mother dearly loved cardinals and ever since she passed away, a cardinal comes to visit me in the garden...usually just before sunset... and now that Im heading into winter, I leave a window cracked slightly so I can hear its song... just to know my angel mother came to sing to me again.

April Goble Oh My Gosh... I clicked to tell you of my mother who LoVeD red birds.. and I saw the post from Rita =) I feel your page was put directly in my path!

Debra Denning Johnson My mom always loved cardinals, so when she died anytime I see one I believe it is her just to remind me that she is watching over me.

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Jen said...

I love that your story I touching so people people and reaching those that need to hear it in order to find peace and solace in their lives. Our Universe is certainly a magical place and I feel so blessed that I can see it all clearly now, as do you. What an incredible collection of stories. I love it!