Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spirit Lives On

When Someone Dies, their Spirit Lives on in Us!
We can't hug them or see them with our eyes.
But we can still feel them in our hearts.
That brings me comfort.
I hope it does for you, too...
When we love someone,they become an indelible force in our lives, even after they're gone.
We remember the way they told a joke, wore their hair, and walked into a room.
The littlest things will trigger memories of the sound of their voice, their scent, the times we spent with them.
We recall how they dealt with hard situations when we are faced with the same things.
We think about them for no reason at all:
What would they say right now?
We will always wonder: are they watching over us?
Do they know how much we miss them?
Even though we'll never see loved ones who've passed on walk through the front door again,
I hope you can find peace with the knowledge that you'll always have a part of them with you.
When we love someone,Their spirit lives forever in our hearts.
~E.D. Frances

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Laurie Kolp said...

This is beautiful, Jeni. Thanks for sharing.