Sunday, February 26, 2012

Honey Angels

Honey dog had to have knee surgery Friday - pretty serious too. the surgery is called TTA. She blew out her ACL. We are very happy with the Dr. we found at the Animal Medical Center in NYC.I'm blogging this post here because of all the amazing signs that happened before, during and after the surgery. Early early early (5 a.m.) Friday morning, we took Honey dog into NYC for her surgery. It was pouring rain and not the kind of weather you wish to drive in on such a scary day already. We had some comfort as we approached the city and drove in behind a car with 888. We dropped Honey off and on our way out of the city we then drove behind a car with 444. As we went about our day without our Honey, we saw a 111 on a car parked next to us. Then as we were in a store, the song "What do you want from me" by Adam Lambert came on and Chad was amazed. He sings that song all the time to Honey dog. We made it through the night without our Honey. As we were getting in the car to pick her up the next morning, the song from the 80's - "Jesse's Girl" by Rick Springsteen started playing. Chad was amazed again. He said he sings that song to Honey but he replaces the name with "Jeni". As we approached the city, a car got in front of us with 777 and we drove together into the city to the Animal Medical Clinic. After we got our Honey dog, we pulled out of the Clinic and got directly behind a car with 2222 :)!

The last sign we caught was an email Chad got from a Dog newsletter he gets. He saw it on his phone on our way in. This weeks title was different than any he had ever had. "Angels Journey".
We were guided in and out of the city by our angels...... with reminders that they are with us always!

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Jeni said...

thank you Laurie... i forgot to mention that Kelsey sent me that picture of the Honey necklace that day! :)