Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amazing Morning of Signs

The morning started out early.  I posted this picture above about believing in Angels and then the magic of the day began.....  

I stepped outside for a moment and  had cardinals surrounding me,  singing a beautiful good morning tune  - one flew past my head back & forth at least a dozen times.  I felt like it was  playing with me!  I knew it was going to be a beautiful day!!  I could hear the baby birds up in the tree - it was such a sweet melody.

I left the house to make my morning appointment down in the village.  It was a relaxing appointment and went well.  On my way home I saw the following license plates in a 3 block radius:

333, 000, 111, 555, 888, 666, 999, 555, "4 the brds", 999, "Bird doc"

Then I looked at the clock & it was 11:11!   

I was visited by angels... I just know it ~ I FELT it!

I couldn't wait to get home to write about these divine events.  I opened up facebook and my time line went crazy..... I landed on the year 2008  and stopped on pictures I had posted of my Mary.  AMAZING!!!! Mary is confirming she is with me.  How lucky am I?

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