Saturday, June 9, 2012

Signs sent from Above

I received this beautiful story shared to me from a Little Red Bird friend and had to share it here.  There are so many signs that our loved ones aren't really gone.  I BELIEVE ~ with all my heart and love that I'm not alone......

Marsi Meli:
I overheard a coworker talk about her vacation, 10 days touring Italy with her sister. How wonderful. Her last words, "I was glad to come home, my sister was getting on my nerves." And I thought of how I would love just 1 more moment with my sister, she could get on my nerves, I would love it. At lunch I went to the lobby of the business park offices where I work and a woman was selling jewelry. I looked down at a box of charms and there was a pony. My sister loved ponies, she would joke, "I am getting a pony and I am calling him Tony." Now that she is gone ponies show up in my life, especially when I need a little boost. You have your little red bird, I have ponies!

This is beautiful!!!! I hope you don't mind if I share this on my blog. I love the "sign" of love from above!!!

Marsi Meli:
Please do share! I remember reading a quote that said something along the lines of our loved ones who have passed over send us signs all the time we just need to be open to them. And when you are, WOW, they are everywhere. When I was going to my niece's bridal shower (my sister Sandy's daughter Kate) I drove by horses grazing, in the middle of the horses was a pony, and the pony was the only one who looked up and watched my car drive by, I waved and said, "Hello Sandy!"

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