Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cardinals of Comfort and Love

I am so happy to share another wonderful cardinal story from my dear Little Red Bird (LRB) friend Diane S.  Our cardinals are here to comfort, love and remind us that everything is going to be okay!

May 21, 2012:

Hey there Jeni, my goodness, where do I begin.. we had a fire in our home about a month ago,everyone got out safe. I went back over the past few weeks to meet with ins people and go thorough what we had and sure enough in that shell of a house my LRB came to the window, I had been gone a week or two. My children and I have been living in a hotel and just a few days ago finally got settled in a home around the block from our home, right overlooking the beach and wouldn't ya know it on my first day here on the mailbox was a beautiful red cardinal, then on the deck, everywhere I go I hear them and see them, I really am thinking I live in a cardinal haven. I know how much they mean to you ( and to me)and I love the posts you make and they give me comfort and make me smile, so from one LRB friend to another, I want ya to know I get it, and say thank you.Just incredible, I will try to get pics of them to you.All my best ~Di

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