Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cardinal Cheer

How wonderful it is that our little cardinal is everywhere.  Friends from everywhere who know about my cardinal are experiencing and sharing their cardinals stories too.  With every one of them there is confirmation of so much more.  They ARE messengers - they are signs.  We are not alone and we ARE loved.  I find that the more we are open and the more we BELIEVE,  we see!  Here are the stories as they were shared with me this week:

From Natalie:
I was cooking lunch for my son and was getting sad that in a couple of years he would be doing this for himself. My eye had filled with a tear and I looked outside and what did I see but a red bird smiling back at me on my deck. How quickly that little bird brought a smile to my face. I just wanted tto share. Hope you have a wonderful day!

From Elizabeth:
Thought of you a lot this weekend - just wanted to tell you that :) Just when I needed a little pat on the shoulder, my little red friend popped into the backyard and sat on a low branch looking right at me. So beautiful and so reassuring! Thank you for bringing my attention to this magical opportunity to see light and love. I hope you are well, sweet friend!

Life is a Gift ~ the sooner we know this the sooner we live free.  Free to be happy, free to enjoy all the wonderments,  of what used to be unknown is now ours to see!  ~Jeni

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