Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mary and Sue

I have a dear friend "Sweet Silly Sue" - my other SSS! Sue has been practicing Reiki and is discovering a gift in it. My Mary has visited her a few times and makes Sue laugh.   How fun to see my sister visiting my friends.   Although, I have a feeling Mary was friends with some of them first.  I believe she has been connecting me to a few.   Sue being one of them.

Sue just sent me this picture and these words that describe her most recent vision from our Mary:

Remember when Mary "popped" in and shared an image of a little girl laying down in the tall green grass, one hand under her chin, the other hand touching the blades ~ this picture reminds me so much of the "mood" she was trying to fact, it is a complete replica.....just had to share with you xoxox Sue

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