Thursday, October 16, 2008

Missing You


How sweet you were.....

I told you my heart would be open to you everyday and it is! My heart was heavy today with thoughts of you. I wish you were here. I can hear the screel of you sweet voice and the way you would say "Jeeennnni"! You had such an enthusiasm in your voice everytime I heard you. So excited ~ all the time. We were so happy to talk to each other.
No matter what mood I was in, my heart just melted every time I talked to you. I would just smile to myself on the other end of the phone and get lost in the world we were in for those moments of time dedicated to each other.
I wish we had more time Mary. I look for you everywhere. I know you can feel my thoughts and you try to comfort me with your spirit. You do, you do. Thank God for my memories of you, they keep it real. Otherwise I would just think our past life was just a dream.

Long Beach Memories

  • I remember how we loved the rain when we were little. I was 6 and you were 3. We would get our blankets and stuffed animals, open the door and just cuddle up watching the rain & count until the thunder struck after each light from the heat lightning. No matter how repetitive it was and right on count, 1.... 2.... 3.... BOOM ~ we would screel in delight. Oh how I loved you. My sweet lil sis.

  • Bunkbed buddies! HA, now those were some good times when we used to tuck all the sheets in the top bunk so we had a fort in the lower bunk & play operation in the dark.

  • How bout the time you let me cut your hair? We hid behind the couch as I grabbed a chunk right on top, I cut cut cut to the root - what a chop! I got in so much trouble. You didn't care. I looked just as funny since I took the scissors to my hair too. What a pair we were.

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Laurie Kolp said...

What sweet memories! Great pictures, too.

Thank you for keeping Mary 'alive' through this blog. I look forward to reading it and check it everyday to see if there is a new post!

I'm sorry you had a hard day yesterday. Hopefully the writing helps you as it has helped me. Love you, dear friend.