Saturday, August 29, 2009

Angel & Sister = One

I had an angel for a sister and now I have a sister for angel!

How lucky am I?!

I cry sometimes when reality hits ~ that Mary was here & now she's not! I look back & remember her as she was: So full of life and love!

I cry sometimes when I look back at the last few years of her life here on earth and the pain and misery she endured. Then I remember that she doesn't feel that anymore! She is with me sharing her peace, showing her energy in different ways now ~ signs from above. I see them - I see them all!

I know we will be together again someday.

We all will always be together!

Our souls are sister-mates forever & ever ~ Amen!


Chad said...

Beautifully prospective... I look up to your spirit, strength and hope .

Kerri said...

I like reading Chad's comments...hope he continues adding them! This picture of Mary...IS SO MARY! The pain that took her life near the end does not remind me of "the real Mary." It was just pain from life...from not knowing how to cope. But, like you said...she is free from pain now. She has a new life in Heaven and we are all going to see her one day. I am excited to give her a hug and I hope she is the one to hand of Joshua to me!


Laurie Kolp said...

I LOVE your attitude, Jeni! Keep on looking on the sunny side of life, and you will have sunshine wherever you go!