Saturday, September 19, 2009

All You Need is Love

When the sky is gray and the mood is dim, when the world all around you seems to spin.
Stop any negative thoughts, focus on the good ~ shift your mind to things you are grateful for.
Close your eyes and focus.... reopen them and see what really matters most.

Smile! Smile! Smile! Even if its a smile with your lips closed. Just do it, there's something healthy about it :o)!
"All you need is Love..."
It's so easy to get into a "funk" - especially when your feeling a little blue, under the weather, bills are high and its one thing after another getting us down. We can easily fall into that negative hole. That negativity only grows. While you're down in the valley, all of a sudden anything sad or blue you feel about - shows up. Like: the people we loved and lost in our lives, the woulda - coulda - shoulda's arrive (thoses should be banned from for life from our thoughts by the way - NOTHING good comes from those!) & then we turn the gray day into a dark and gloomy day.

But its our choice and we can turn the day around. . . . . the simple way to change the day is to start with a SMILE, tuck the negative thoughts away, be done with them today! Think about the people you love, think about the people who love you. Be grateful for the little things you have that some people in this world would die for: your HEALTH, a roof over your head, a job, clothes in the closet, shoes, food in the cubbard, the ability to walk or breath without any help...... hopefully after that you feel some gratitude. See, you have alot to smile about! Take the time, make a gratitude list & put it in a place you can refer back to when you start to feel down. Inside your medicine cabinet or wallet or refrigerator door are good places.

Life is so much more enjoyable when you are happy, so we should do whatever we can to stay that way. We really do have alot to be happy about. Just think about it! Fill your head with Love. "All you need is Love..."

Life is too short to live it miserably ~ ENJOY!

Be grateful for what you have (or had) not for what you don't!! & realize that you may not have all you want, but you have more than you need!
~This is how I have been living and the outcome is HAPPY!


Laurie Kolp said...

A true miracle that was, my friend! Mary is by your side- with you all the time. She proves it with the cardinal. How lovely. And I think all those names in the earlier post would have been great for Mary...but I love "Mary."

Love you

Kerri said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!! They keep me in check. It is soooo easy to fall into the negative mindset with all the problems of the world. But, we have to stay thankful and happy. It feels so much better, too! Oh, and that cardinal was a miracle sent from doubt about it.

Love ya,