Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travels with Dad

Good times traveling...

Some of our best memories are the summers we traveled with our dad! This picture above is a classic. Bob's Big Boy! That was a classic diner we would always end up at. Dad loved the Chili mac and we loved the big statue of Bob's Big Boy. It was a sad day when we learned they stopped making chili mac. I later made the recipe myself with Ranch Style Beans & maccaroni noodles. mmmmm - I make it with memories of you dad.... of course, I can only get the beans in Texas. Mary used to mail cans of them to me here in NY. David later did the same.
Keeping the chili mac alive!

Gotta love the traveling in the bug! Lots of side trips traveling from Texas to Illinois, like the picture to the left of us in Missouri at the famous arch!

Good times ~ Memories to Cherish!

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