Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cardinal Love

I just have to post this because it is just too incredible not to.

Last night I was headed home from work - on the 6:21 train.
I was staring out the window, watching the buildings and trees as I was passing by.
I had MARY on my mind. Just wondering where she was - if she was nearby.
Without speaking, my mind was saying, "Where are you Mary? Where are you Mary? Where are you Mary?"
Then all of a sudden as if my minds question was being answered, a female cardinal flew about 100 feet from my window into a tree not far away. I couldn't believe my eyes! Of course my mind was questioning this little miracle I just witnessed, but I heard a voice inside tell me "Just Believe" - it was me! Stop questioning it. You saw what you saw - Enjoy it!

That is exactly what I have done! Believe! Amazed still, but am enjoying it.

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