Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Name for Mary

I was asked the other day what a good name for a little girl like "Mary" would be... something to describe the Mary we knew. What a sweet thought. I have so many adjectives that describe Mary, but a name?


My first thoughts were STAR (Starla) or ANGEL (Angelina) because that is what she is to me and then I thought of "EMMA" - that was Mary's middle name and although she didn't like it as a kid (who really likes their middle name anyway?), I loved it!

Then I was thinking of SUNNY or SUMMER because Mary was so sunny, loved the beach and she was born in the summer.

HOPE or FAITH are nice - Mary always had both of those qualities.

Of course I thought of Krystal or Nicole because she loved those names a long time ago.

She loved Kenney Chesney, so I wondered if CHESNEY could be a girlie name. he-he... differnt huh?

I don't know... Mary was Mary and she was beautiful and unique. That's when I realized that the name "BELLA" describes her to a tee. Bella is italian or spanish for beautiful.

Mary was beautiful through and through in all that she was ~ inside and out! So Bella is my pick :)! Oh, Marie would fit beautifully as a middle name. hmmm, that's my middle name & we all know how much she loved me.
BELLA MARIE, that is my Mary's new name....


The Mendez Family said...

I LOVE Bella Marie!!! What a beautiful and thoughtful post! I love you sweet sister! I enjoyed talking with you tonight. I do hope Chad is feeling better soooon!


kerri said...

What a beautiful name!!! So many great ideas...

Love ya,