Thursday, March 10, 2011

Text-versation filled with Love

I had the sweetest text conversation with my niece Kelsey - Mary's little legacy! First we spoke for 30 minutes about school and life! Brett even came in the room & told Kelsey to say Hi & he loved me! Then we started texting. It was so wonderful I have to share it here:

J - Your the best!!!

K - haha ur the beast and the best;)

J - U 2 my little gem!!

K - :) coooolio im a gem:) haaha ur could be a diamond ;)

J - You are!!!!! Xxoo

K - :) what r those purple gems called??

J - Amethyst

K - those are my fave

J - Mine too - I have another present for you :).... I'll mail later xxoo

K - im spoiled by u:) haha:) thank youu!!! :D

J - U deserve the world!

K - haha i dont know about that i think u do since ur so amazing;) haha ur like my role model man

J - Man am I lucky :)!! So much love!!

K - love u 2:) and word of the day is gruling (it think thats how u spell it haha) it mean disturbing or nasty haha

J - That's funny! My word today is auspicious!

K - let me think does that mean ur suspicious?

J - No hehe. When were together it's auspicious! Special, meaningful!


THE Stephanie said...

I love, love, love texting with my daughter. So glad that Kelsey has such a great relationship with you!!

And thanks for all your comments on my blog. You're so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Enjoyed the play on some words. Thanks too for your visit and comments. said...

It's so important for young people to have a special person in their life who really cares about them.
Kelsey is very lucky to have you in her life!

Jeni said...

I love your sweet comments - thank you! I enjoy each of your blogs... that's why I visit them :)! Long Island, Birds and funnies! xoxo
I'm the lucky one.....