Sunday, May 13, 2012

FB friend ~ LRB visit

I received a beautiful post on my Little Red Bird wall yesterday   A new LRB friend shared her cardinal story here:

My mom Patty Jones Robinson past away in March.  A few days after she passed I was running by a lake. I took a few moments to walk down a path and look out on the water, just thinking of her. When I started walking back to the trail to continue my run, a red bird flew right in front of me and landed on a tree limb just to my right. I felt a strange sense of comfort as the bird just sat there and watched me continue on. Since then, I have had a couple more of these encounters... may seem simple, but I love the peace it brings and makes me feel as if my Mom is with me. 

Thank dear Amanda for sharing your story with us here.  Confirming our loved ones from above are always near.  Another member of our Cardinal Club!

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