Friday, May 11, 2012

Memories to Cherish

Mary & Me 12-31-94

This picture was sent to me from Mary's lil legacy, Kelsey!  Would you believe I've never even seen this picture?  Mary had it in her own personal photo album from her wedding day.  Now that Mary is gone, her lil legacy Kelsey keeps her pictures as a treasure.  She came across this one as she was moving last weekend.  She took a picture of it and sent it to me.  I told her I loved this picture so much and she said "I thought you would, I do too!" What a beautiful bride Mary was and what a beautiful day......

My sweet little niece is a gift  that I love more than anything.  I am so lucky and so fortuante to have had the sister that I did, the memories to cherish and now her little Kelsey.  Well, not so little anymore,  she's growing up to be a beatiful young lady with a heart of gold - JUST LIKE HER MOMMY!

Thank you Kelsey for sharing this memory that I will cherish forever!

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