Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Mama Mary

 I love this picture of Mary with her kids at the Rainforest Cafe. 
This is one of the last pictures of her just a few weeks before she went to Heaven!

Mary was a wonderful mommy!  She loved being a mommy more than anything.... she talked about it for as long as I remember.

 Happy Mothers Day mama Mary ~ we love you!!!

P.S.  Don't worry,  I'm loving the kids just like their my own.... just as I promised. It was amazingly easy sis.  They are incredible kids.  I can see  you in their souls!!   

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Ruby Starheart said...

So wonderful that Mary left you two beautiful children, so that even though she is no longer with you, she lives with you every day through her children.

Many blessings to you