Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Message from Mary

The other night I felt like my sweet niece Kelsey was in need of some motherly love, some reminders that she is going to make it through these trying times, that she is loved, important, incredibly special and not alone. 
So I starting sending her texts of love. 

I ended the texversation with a beautiful  picture of a cardinal with an angelic little girl nestled in it's neck and this text:
"Sweet dreams Kelsey ~ I'll be sending you some love while your sleeping.... Talk to you tomorrow - xoxo"
 Early the very next morning I got this text from my SSS (Sweet sSul Sis) Jen Dio:
"I had a dream last night that a Cardinal landed on me and nuzzled into my neck as I was laying down in some foreign place. Right away I pulled out my iPhone and took a snapshot to send to you. I remember it not being great but I didn't care. I knew you would love it anyway. So, although there isn't really a pic, I still wanted to share my dream with you because I think there's some meaning there and that I'm meant to pass on the message. The birdie was so loving and happy. It wanted me to know how peaceful it felt lying with me. :-) Sweet, huh? Love you SSS"
 I responded back:
"Omgoodness Jen!  There is meaning... I know it.  I was texting Kelsey sweet words of love & encouragement last night, I could tell she was sad. I told her I was sending her love while she slept & I sent her this picture you gave me!!!"

Jen's text back to me:
"That's it! Tell Kelsey it was meant for her. Mary was with her all night, curled up next to her. Xoxo amazing."

I did tell Kelsey! Actually I text the whole story to her. 
Kelsey was ecstatic and text this back to me:
 "I just read it .... Just got out of school and awwww  i love that story - defffinenttllyyyyyy mom!! I wish i could  meet Jen in person"

I am so thrilled for the beautiful confirmation.  I feel as if Mary was right by my side sending her daughter the love she deserves and then my wonderful friend Jen had a dream of exactly what I was sending to Kelsey.  Her need to tell me as soon as she woke up. All of this is the divine intervention of an angels love for her daughter.  Jen and I were the messengers.  How incredible is that??
See what happens when you BELIEVE?!

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