Sunday, May 13, 2012

Patrick's LRB Visit

In honor of mothers day,  I'd like to share a beautiful story from my dear friend Patrick P. I've known Patrick as long as my husband and have been blessed with his friendship since.  Not to mention wonderful haircuts and hilarious stories over the years.  In a conversation yesterday during our visit, he told me he couldn't wait to tell me what happened to him this past week.

Patrick went on tell me that he's been in a bit of a funk.  His anxious feelings have caused some added fear.  Amazing how our minds tend to go to the worst possibility.  He didn't have to say all his thoughts outloud, I knew the seriousness of his feelings by his energy.

Wednesday morning as he was questioning his thoughts and feeling upset he looked out his window and saw a bright red cardinal staring at him, tilting his head to the side.  The bird was within arms length with only the glass separating them.  In all the years of living in his home, he had NEVER seen this before.  Something special was felt with this visit.  He just knew it. 

Patrick's father passed away several months ago.  Coincidence?  No!

The next day, as Patrick reached up to the top of his bookshelf  to find his book he had home remedies to health care. As he pulled his "Home Remedies" book  from the shelf, a smaller book fell to the floor.  Ignoring this little book for the moment, he went straight to his Home Remedies book looking for some answers.  He was a little shocked that he happened to open the book right to the pages of his symptoms.  He then proceeded to pick up the little book on the floor.  He had never seen this little book and had no idea where it came from.  It was a spiraled little book and appeared to be from a church.  He happened to notice the date on the front cover - it was his father's Bday!  He opened the book and read the passages...... words of comfort, words of love.  His eyes filled with tears.  A confirmation that his father is always near!

A little extra sidenote:  Patrick called his mom later that day to tell her about this.... before he could she asked him to hold on a moment.  She came back to the phone to tell him that she was just praying to his father to help Patrick with what he is feeling.  Patrick was shocked...... and went on to tell his mom about the cardinal and the little book that fell from the shelf!  Tears of love and joy were shared over the phone!

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