Friday, May 25, 2012


Angels were in full force this a.m. 
Right after I acknowledged them and asked them for a little help I  saw 111, 777, 000, 111 on 4 different cars in a 1 mile span and then a cardinal flew right in front of my car! 

It's quite amazing how it works like that.  I woke up a little on the grumpy side still feeling the disappointment from the dentist appointment the day before. I felt guilty for not being happy on a Friday.  I'm always a little extra happy on Fridays... Yes, I really am.  (That's what happens when you give yourself a Friday reward at the end of the day!)  So, I decided right then and there that I had a choice - I did not have to feel this way.  I started focusing on the positive things in my life and felt gratitude.  From there I asked my angels for a little help and as if by magic,  a weight was lifted off of me and I was seeing the day with different eyes, a joyous perspective, a grateful view on everything.  I felt myself fill with LOVE.  
I urge you to try this..... it really makes life more fun!

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