Friday, October 3, 2008

People do change!

I just have to share something funny ~ or at least I think it's funny & I know for a fact Mary would laugh & definetly relate to it because she has always been a dog lover... it wasn't until the very end that she started to soften up towards cats.

Chad has NEVER EVER liked cats. Pure dogman - all the way. Well, that was until Boo came along. I brought him home one day 4 years ago & said we had to have him, he was born on a VERY VERY special day. I had a promise to keep to myself & to him & if I didn't keep it, Boo would have to go away. Boo became my insurance to keeping my promise. Somehow, Boo has gotten to Chad & he actually likes him. I won't use the LOVE word because that would be pushing it....LOL. Boo DOES act alot like a dog the way he plays, fetches, greets us and begs ~ yes, he begs!! He even comes to our call & Chad has a special signal that makes him jump on his lap. Yes, its a bit amazing and i'm really taking a chance in putting this on paper, because as much as Chad likes him (without saying so), there's a part of him that doesn't like that he likes him. Like he's being unloyal to the dogman in him.

Okay, the funny part: Chad went to the pet store for me for Boo today all by himself & he told me he was embarrassed to be shopping for a cat... he associated it to buying tampons. I don't know why, but i just laughed & laughed & laughed at that. I still am. LOL!
Poor Chad - he's been Boowhipped! & he don't like it!!!
I'm gonna be in so much trouble if he reads this. I had to. This is a story so up Mary's alley!
This one was for you sis.... I love you and think of you EVERYDAY!!


Susan said...

Poor Chad, you didn't have a chance!! Really. When Scott & I first got married I had a cat. Her name was Holli, her real name was Halloween because that is when I got her)(Her middle name was Anna, yes, we give our cats middle names, ha) anyways, the cat didn't care for scott and whenever scott came around me Holli would get very protective. Anyways, Scott said one day I want my own cat. So I found the sweetest little calico (oh, Holli was a calico too.) I told Scott the new kitten was his. He proudly named it Fire Hydrant. UGH. We called her Hydi Alan (middle name after Scott). Well, to make a long story short, Holli ended up liking Scott and Hydi became my cat. It was too funny. Scott was never much of a cat lover, but this all changed him. We've had many a cats thru the years. He even called me once from work and said Susan they found some kittens here at work. I said okay. We already have 3 indoor cats. and he was like yeh, i know. we hung up. then he calls back and says one is a calico. and I said okay, what do you want me to do, come look at it? If I do, are we going to get to keep it. And he's like no no. we don't need any more. we hang up. He calls back. They are going to just dump them. I'm like, Scott, do you want the kitten. And he's like why don't you bring the girls and come see it. So another long story short. We got the kitten and named her Amazing Grace, it was amazing that she lived at work and by God's Grace she did. We called her Ami.
oh, i have way too many cat stories, we had Hannah Anna, Natalie Elizabeth, Savannah Anna, Sadie Nicole, but now we have none. just one dog. Julia Rose. So hang in there Chad. It doesn't mean you are losing your dog loyalty, it means you are just spreading your loyalty. ha ha

THE Stephanie said...

That's hilarious! Funny thing, my hubby was the same way, but with dogs... until he went to the Humane society and fell in love with a dog!!

BTW, the pics of Mary, and especially the one of the three of your girls by the Christmas tree, are just beautiful.

Laurie Kolp said...

I'm pretty sure Mary is laughing about it from up above...