Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kenny Chesney songs + Mary = Loving Memories

Oh how Mary loved her Kenny Chesney!

Back in December 2004 when I flew to Beaumont to be with Mary and the kids during a tough time, she played her Kenny Chesney CD over & over for me, explaining to me what she got out of each song. She loved so many of his songs and related alot of her life to them. Oh how I wish I knew exactly what CD that was or exactly what she said about those songs. I do remember that day though. Driving with her in her lil white Hyundai Santa Fe (such a cute lil SUV that fit her personality perfectly), we were headed from Beaumont to Houston to meet David at BW3's. I was just along for the ride, enjoying every minute with my sister. It was a beautiful day that was about to be more beautiful with the 3 of us together with Kelsey & Brett!

Our brother David just texted me:

"Kenny Chesney songs 10-4-3 on CD the road and the Radio in that order, watch how Mary Combs speaks to u, love u sis".

I was so confused, I text back :

"What cd? "the road"?"

David text back:

"The road and the radio sis. Mary knew it 10-4-3 in that order sis. Figure it out. Love u".

Sounds like my mystery I mentioned above is about to be answered but my brother has given me a puzzle to figure out, so that is what I'm going to do.

Please let me know if you have a clue.....


Laurie Kolp said...

Wish I could help you, my friend...but it sounds like Mary is never going to cease to amaze us!

Love, Laurie

Kerri said...

I know Mary... It was 10, song 4 and song 3. She probably played those favorite songs over and over (in that order). That is something both of us would have done in h.s. But, who knows??? I could be wrong!!!

Love ya!

Jeni said...

Yup, I believe your right! I uploaded those 3 songs & they sound right! Sweet Mary ... I miss her so much!